An Intoxicating Mix of Designs

The shelves of liquor stores are a highly competitive space. The more aesthetically pleasing packaging always receives the most attention and those items tend to get purchased first. As a young person just entering the drinking scene, I can guarantee that my friends and I always gravitate towards the drinks that look the nicest. But we can also sense which bottles will have a higher price tag even before looking beneath the shelf and finding the astounding cost. 

Typically, alcohol is more popular with the middle and upper classes. Packaging and design are one of the top decision-makers when it comes to wine and spirits purchases. Furthermore, recent trends have actually shown that customers are increasingly looking for convenience in their packaging. For example, packaging shot glasses or mixers and measuring tools with their products.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label – Diageo’s Artist Series 2017

When designing packaging for luxury bottles, creators consider convenience, size, text, and brand statements. It’s important that the packaging is unique, but also convenient so it’s able to stand out from its competitors. Sizing and shape can help capture the attention of consumers by making sure it is different from the items sitting next to them. Elements like large and easy to read text can also increase convenience for consumers. Brand statements (a “personality” design) can also help target certain audiences.

Another important consideration is ensuring that the packaging of the item is giving customers a sense that the spirit is a luxury. Luxury packaging can make the product more aesthetically pleasing and more giftable. To achieve this premium look, the design needs to go above and beyond the standard. Unique substrates can give the package a more high-end look and feel. Wood-inspired elements, metallic foils, or other special effects can make your packaging design truly stand out.

Glenrothes Extraordinary Cask, bottled by Berr Bros. & Rudd.

 Nowadays, spirits are actually being packaged more like fragrances in order to portray uniqueness and luxury. This includes usage of high-end bottles, premium & luxurious packaging, and one-of-a-kind labels.

Whether it be a fun and illustrated design or an interesting packaging concept, a company needs to do something different to succeed and stand out. Even a hefty price tag is a unique feature and may succeed as it creates a feeling of exclusivity that people want to experience.


2 thoughts on “An Intoxicating Mix of Designs”

  1. Thanks for sharing! For a new brand trying to differentiate itself from its more established competitors, what kind of branding approach would you recommend? A fun, unique one, or a more sleek, polished design?

    1. Thanks for reading and for the comment!
      We believe a fun and unique approach to design is better for differentiation. There are many sleek designs on the market and consumers may be overwhelmed with the options. If the brand is entertaining, it could also boost the user experience.

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