About Us




Our team believes high-end products have a reputation to maintain in order to create authenticity and differentiation amongst other competitors in the same industry. Therefore, the product’s primary packaging comes parallel to the importance of the brand’s identity of high-quality alcohol.

We believe that high-end alcohol products are not only for consumption, but the bottle or box itself is usually kept for display. We will look into how various types of special finishes are used, such as foil, varnish, and embossing to enhance high-end products and the longevity of the imagery. We will also be exploring partnership collaborations with other companies; from co-branding seasonal products, to social media marketing as well as the security features that have been integrated into the packaging design. Lastly, we will elaborate on anti-counterfeiting technology, such as special closures or openings, to minimize tamper or anti-refills by secondary sellers like bars and restaurants.